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Software and Apps

The powerful capabilities of the Performance Monitor allow it to talk directly to a computer or mobile device, and there are a large number of apps and programs available for use with the PM5.

Below is a selection of some of the most popular apps. For a full list of available software, visit the the Software section in Support.


ErgData is a free application from Concept2 for iOS and Android that connects via Bluetooth to the PM5. Once connected, you can set up the workout on your monitor, get additional statistics and displays, store and analyze your workout results, and upload your workouts to the Concept2 Online Logbook.

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ErgRace Online

Concept2's ErgRace Online allows you to take part in an online race for free from anywhere in the world. You can either create your own race on our admin platform, take part in one organised by somebody else, or join one of our regular public races.

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Other Apps

The PM5 works with over fifty different third-party apps, including the likes of Zwift (pictured), Asensei and Regatta. These apps offer everything from live and on-demand classes, virtual racing, training programs and more.

For a full list of apps and their compatibility, visit the Concept2 Compatible Apps page.