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Results (and Records!) from 2020 SkiErg Sprints

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Nov 20, 2020

The SkiErg World Sprints took place November 12–15. Over 1000 people from 34 countries competed in our 1000m virtual festival of the SkiErg and posted their results to the Concept2 Online Logbook.

The SkiErg World Sprints is an annual virtual race that allows you to compare your time against others worldwide in a four day showdown of SkiErg speed. There are age categories from 12 and under to 80+ as well as adaptive classes, so this event really is for everyone! This year, there were some very impressive performances in all age groups and adaptive categories, and several world records.

Morgan McGrath of the USA broke the women’s 40-49 record with a 3:29.8, and Ana Caldas smashed it the next day with a 3:22.6. On the men’s side, there was a phenomenal effort by Frederik Smulter of Finland who broke James Hall’s 2019 record of 2:45.1 in the men’s 30-39 age category with a 2:44.0. But, because of the time zone difference between Finland and Australia, James Hall had actually already broken his previous record of 2:45.1 with a time of 2:41.7—the fastest 1k time ever put down on the SkiErg!

James Hall's monitor with his world record time.

Says James, “I was aware Fredi was making a good run at the 1k. My aim was to PB [personal best] this year. I gave up drinking 12 weeks prior to the event and trained hard. My training went very well and my sessions were telling me I was good for close to 2.40. I saw Fredi’s time but I had already beaten my WR, as my time zone in Australia is ahead of his. I kept it under wraps until the cut off time had gone.”

Our youngest world record breaker is 13-year-old Sadie Bell of the USA with a 4:02.7. And Ellen Pazdzior, 63, of Canada, smashed her 2019 SkiErg Sprints time by nearly 20 seconds with a time of 3:51.5. Amazing efforts!

Thinking of joining the fun next year? Be sure to mark your calendars for SkiErg Sprints 2021, November 11–14!

SkiErg Sprints 2020 Age Group Winners and 1000m World Records


  • 12 & under: Payton C. (GBR), 4:56.9
  • 13–18: Elvira Ek, 18 (SWE), 3:29.3 WORLD RECORD!
  • 13–14 Sadie Bell (USA), 4:02.7 WORLD RECORD!
  • 15–16 Roxanne Flesher (USA), 3:51.7 WORLD RECORD!
  • 19–29: Kate Hilliard (AUS), 3:22.5
  • 30–39: Lavinia Kava (AUS), 3:20.0 WORLD RECORD tie with Kate Hilliard’s 2019 time
  • 40–49: Ana Caldas (USA), 3:22.6 WORLD RECORD!
  • 50–59: Pam Rogan (USA), 3:52.0
  • 60–69: Ellen Pazdzior (CAN), 3:51.5 WORLD RECORD!
  • 70–79 Trina Hosmer (USA), 4:44.5
  • 80+ Joanne Marriott (USA), 5:20.2

Adaptive Women Seated

  • Rachel Morris (GBR), 4:49.1 unofficial SIT2 WORLD RECORD!

Adaptive Women Standing

  • Melissa Dunkeld (GBR), 4:34.1 unofficial STAL WORLD RECORD!

Adaptive Women Visually Impaired

  • Jana Lopez Del Rio (ESP) 9:13.1 unofficial WORLD RECORD!


  • 12 & under: Nathan Johnson (USA), 4:15.7
  • 13–18: Malte Jutterdal (SWE), 3:09.4
  • 19–29: Nicholas Brbot (AUS), 2:55.2
  • 30–39: James Hall (GBR), 2:41.7 WORLD RECORD!
  • 40–49: Dan Norman (GBR), 2:57.1
  • 50–59: Craig Millard (AUS), 2:58.4 WORLD RECORD!
  • 60–69: Ted Bruckner (USA), 3:19.9
  • 70–79: Paul Tool (GBR), 3:38.3
  • 80–89: Jan Otto Kristiansen (NOR), 3:57.8

Adaptive Men Seated

  • Tim Barnett (GBR), 4:03.4 unofficial SIT1 WORLD RECORD!
  • 19-29 Steven Ralph (AUS), 8:36.1 unofficial SIT3 WORLD RECORD!
  • 30-39 Stuart Robinson (GBR), 4:26.1 unofficial SIT2 WORLD RECORD!
  • 30-39 Rick Fox (USA), 5:54.4 unofficial SIT3 WORLD RECORD!
  • 40-49 Jaraslav Hadrava (CZE), 4:42.5 unofficial SIT2 WORLD RECORD!
  • 40-49 Richard Priestley (GBR), 9:24.9 SIT3 WORLD RECORD!
  • 60-69 Antonio Fernandez Fernandez (ESP), 6:11.0 unofficial SIT1 WORLD RECORD!

Adaptive Men Standing

  • Sean Gaffney (GBR), 3:13.8 unofficial STAL WORLD RECORD!
  • 30-39 Gregg Stevenson (GBR), 3:14.0 STAL WORLD RECORD!
  • 30-39 Johan van Etten (NED), 3:35.9 STAN WORLD RECORD!

Adaptive Men Visually Impaired

  • Milan Lackovič (SVK), 3:10.0. WORLD RECORD!
  • 60-69 Mike Cordero (USA), 4:35.1 unofficial WORLD RECORD!

Note that many of the adaptive records are unofficial while we await the classification verification from athletes. To learn more, see SkiErg adaptive classifications.

Full SkiErg World Sprints information and results here.

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